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  • An original project
    to find a more effective treatment
    against advanced phase cancer

The Project

Radio-Immuno-Modulation is an original project, born from the need to find a more effective treatment against advanced phase cancer. It is currently in the stage of clinical research, on patients suffering from this disease. To be eligible to participate, they need to give their informed consent. This research is not part of an international project and does not receive the necessary budget for its operation. It is, rather, a local, grassroots initiative and the funds are raised throughout this campaign. This website describes the journey of a cancer patient, his relationship with our project as well as your way to participate.

The News

The news is given by the doctor, the patient, family, or friends. It is done quickly or taking our time, skilfully or clumsily, with or without empathy, crying or swallowing our tears. The persons who break out the news have done it a few times already, or too often, or never. The persons being informed could be old, or young, men or women, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, friendly, or unfriendly. All comes at a certain point in life, which we are not ready to forget.


The Journey

This place is strange, I do not feel so sick, but I realize that life is temporary. I was told about the path ahead of me. That there could be hills to climb, winds, snow, but all this is uncertain. Actually, what worries me most is not the difficulty of overcoming these obstacles, but rather the uncertainty.

The Fight

So far, you have not found any meaning in all this and probably there is none. Can the fight make up any sense? Who knows, but it's worth a try. This project aims to test a new way of treating cancer. In fact, its methods already exist; they were in turn in the test stage a few years ago. The loop is closed by giving a new meaning to older projects.

Dr Razvan Diaconescu



Join us in giving. As this is research, a result can not be guaranteed. In return, what we can offer, is hope. The hope of doing things differently. Dive head first, rather than float on someone else's wave; the courage to explore, rather than the resignation to follow; cause events rather than watch them pass.

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